YES, I will vote to stop crude oil tankers if politicians try to force these projects on B.C.

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Let B.C. Vote!

Justin Trudeau has approved Kinder Morgan's expansion project. If politicians and Big Oil think they can push reckless tanker projects through our province despite First Nations and public opposition, we'll launch a citizens' initiative. British Columbians deserve a vote.

Premier Christy Clark always promised to stand up for B.C. if the federal government tried to force these projects on our province. Now Clark has softened her stance, and begun negotiations with the pipeline lobby.

Luckily our province has a unique direct democracy law called the Citizens' Initiative. If Clark cuts a deal that betrays the majority of voters in B.C. we have the power to put this to a vote – just like when Gordon Campbell misled citizens about the HST.

We're collecting signatures to get ready, and we need you to join us. The more British Columbians who stand together now, the riskier it will be for politicians to betray us.