B.C. needs a North Coast tanker ban NOW

Prime Minister Trudeau: The Courts have spoken. Let's make it official!

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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Last October, British Columbians elected Liberal MPs on a promise to ban oil tankers on B.C.’s North Coast.

And the federal court of appeal has overturned the approval of Enbridge's oil tanker project. Once again, First Nations rights and title have prevailed over corporate greed.

Now is the time to put this pledge into action.

A legislated Tanker Ban is a chance to reconcile Canadian law with Indigenous laws, and to ensure the North Coast can never again be put at risk at the stroke of a pen.

After 10 years, we’re looking forward to the day we can finally say goodbye to Enbridge and other risky oil tanker proposals that put our communities at risk.

Please don’t delay.


The People of Canada

YES! It's time for Prime Minister Trudeau to ban crude oil tankers on B.C.'s beautiful North Coast.

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