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B.C. Climate plan a sop to Liberal donors

08.19.16 | Media | 

BC Liberals ignore own climate team recommendations in favour of propping up big donors: forestry & oil industries 19/08/2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Victoria, B.C. – Premier Christy Clark’s new climate plan will fail to make B.C. a climate leader, instead catering to the interests of big money BC Liberal donors while B.C.’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to […]

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Not the leadership I voted for

08.19.16 | General | 

At Kinder Morgan meeting, one Liberal voter delivers a blistering rebuke of absent MPs Note: The Trudeau government is preparing to make a yes or no decision on the Kinder Morgan oil tanker project in December. After being elected on a promise to restart the project review, the Liberals reversed their position and went ahead […]

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So fresh and so clean, clean

08.18.16 | General | 

Dogwood has a new website, and it’s pretty nice. It’s no exaggeration to say this site has been years in the making — but hey! It’s important not to rush what is, for all intents and purposes, Dogwood’s home away from home in internet land. For anyone who’s overhauled a tired, almost decade old website, […]

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Don’t tell us how you’re different – show us

08.16.16 | General | 

Botched oil tanker consultations have British Columbians worried. Less than a month after the last election, Natural Resources minister Jim Carr was given fresh marching orders. Carr’s mandate letter from Prime Minister Trudeau begins like this: “We have promised Canadians a government that will bring real change – in both what we do and how […]

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Letter shows Trudeau ready to break promise on Kinder Morgan

08.11.16 | General | 

Oil tanker approval would betray written commitment by Liberals. Sitting in a Burnaby hotel ballroom this week across from three sheepish federal pipeline panelists, I couldn’t help but remember a conversation I had with Justin Trudeau one year ago. “All I want to know,” I asked at a campaign stop, “is does your NEB overhaul […]

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What really matters

07.29.16 | news | 

Farms and fish, kids and climate change: Surrey and Langley residents came together to show the Trans Mountain Ministerial Panel what’s really at stake. I remember when I first found out about Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. I was working in Surrey and someone mentioned its proposed path ran through Surrey Bend Regional Park. When I traced […]

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Neither Law nor Order

07.21.16 | news | 

In Kamloops, dedicated residents raised concerns about Kinder Morgan’s pipeline proposal. These are their stories. The B.C. portion of the Minister’s Kinder Morgan TransMountain Pipeline Expansion panel tour kicked off this week. First stop: Kamloops, where a small but vocal group of First Nations, local government representatives and residents gathered to share their concerns about the […]

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She was called out for conflict of interest. Her response is bizarre.

07.19.16 | news | 

Review panel member says her past  with Kinder Morgan is no big deal. Imagine in the middle of a murder trial, it turned out one of the jurors was friends with the accused. The judge would have to call a mistrial and start over. Well, Texas pipeline company Kinder Morgan is in the same situation. […]

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