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Pipeline panel proves critics correct

08.26.16 | General | 

Why did Kinder Morgan panel chair publish her opinion before hearings conclude? Can you imagine a judge publishing her opinion on a criminal trial before either side has finished presenting evidence? Such an extraordinary legal error would trigger an immediate mistrial. Yet when the chair of a panel reviewing a major pipeline proposal submitted an […]

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Who’s listening? Speaking to the most powerful people in the room

08.25.16 | General | 

Kinder Morgan Panel offered us an opportunity to vent but not be heard. Were our efforts in vain? I had a dream last night about the Kinder Morgan panel. I was on a large parade ground and an officer leaned into my jeep and demanded that I testify on corexit – the chemical dispersant used […]

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Citizens are having a hard time trusting elected officials

08.25.16 | General | 

By Brenda Ross In late July, as Dogwood’s team leader in Delta, I was part of a group that met with Delta MP Carla Qualtrough and North Vancouver MP Jonathan Wilkinson (secretary to the Minister of Environment). MP Qualtrough convened the meeting in response to the pressing concerns she has heard from her constituents about […]

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Climate leadership or climate corporatocracy?

08.24.16 | General | 

B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan focuses less on change to our climate and more on change in the BC Liberal’s piggy bank.  Last Friday afternoon, in a remote warehouse in Richmond, Premier Christy Clark delivered the long-overdue B.C. Climate Leadership Plan. She was flanked by people in white coats and an electric car, which she plugged […]

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B.C. Climate plan a sop to Liberal donors

08.19.16 | Media | 

BC Liberals ignore own climate team recommendations in favour of propping up big donors: forestry & oil industries 19/08/2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Victoria, B.C. – Premier Christy Clark’s new climate plan will fail to make B.C. a climate leader, instead catering to the interests of big money BC Liberal donors while B.C.’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to […]

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Not the leadership I voted for

08.19.16 | General | 

At Kinder Morgan meeting, one Liberal voter delivers a blistering rebuke of absent MPs Note: The Trudeau government is preparing to make a yes or no decision on the Kinder Morgan oil tanker project in December. After being elected on a promise to restart the project review, the Liberals reversed their position and went ahead […]

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So fresh and so clean, clean

08.18.16 | General | 

Dogwood has a new website, and it’s pretty nice. It’s no exaggeration to say this site has been years in the making — but hey! It’s important not to rush what is, for all intents and purposes, Dogwood’s home away from home in internet land. For anyone who’s overhauled a tired, almost decade old website, […]

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Don’t tell us how you’re different – show us

08.16.16 | General | 

Botched oil tanker consultations have British Columbians worried. Less than a month after the last election, Natural Resources minister Jim Carr was given fresh marching orders. Carr’s mandate letter from Prime Minister Trudeau begins like this: “We have promised Canadians a government that will bring real change – in both what we do and how […]

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