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YES, I will vote to stop crude oil tankers if politicians try to force these projects on B.C.

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YES! It's time for Prime Minister Trudeau to ban crude oil tankers on B.C.'s beautiful North Coast.

YES, I call on B.C. politicians to stop taking money from corporations, unions and out-of-province donors, and bring in election laws that Ban Big Money in Politics.

10.21.16 | General, news | 

Their latest efforts to export through our province and our latest efforts to fight back Like any kid who grew up in Vancouver, I have the aspirational mantra “Greenest City” imprinted in my brain. This illusion was shattered when I learned Metro Vancouver was also home to North America’s biggest coal port. Westshore Terminal in […]

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10.19.16 | Media | 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 19, 2016 SPILL RESPONSE BOAT SINKS AS PRIME MINISTER APPEARS TO BACKTRACK ON TANKER BAN PROMISE With ongoing response to a diesel spill near Bella Bella in disarray, Prime Minister Trudeau’s comments prompt deep concern VICTORIA, B.C. – Coastal residents are gobsmacked to learn that a boat working to retrieve diesel […]

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10.07.16 | Media | 

With a federal decision expected on Kinder Morgan in December, British Columbians petition in support of a citizens’ initiative. BURNABY — Supporters of B.C.’s largest citizen group, Dogwood Initiative, will be knocking on doors this month in support of their Let BC Vote campaign in preparation for a province-wide citizens’ initiative on pipeline and tanker […]

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