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Ask Metro Vancouver board members to stand against the air quality permit for Fraser Surrey Docks:

YES! It's time for Prime Minister Trudeau to ban crude oil tankers on B.C.'s beautiful North Coast.

09.28.16 | Media | 

Decision increases pressure on BC Liberals and BC NDP to follow suit VICTORIA, B.C. — Dogwood is applauding today’s announcement by leader of the Green Party of British Columbia, Andrew Weaver, to abolish corporate and union donations for their party. With no legislation for political donations in B.C., the BC Green party is the first […]

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09.26.16 | General | 

Amidst a resurgence of First Nations assertion of rights and title, can Will and Kate’s visit to unceded territory refocus Canadians’ attention on our broken relationships with First Nations? I was out of my comfort zone on the Fort Rupert Indian Reservation. The year was 1994. I was 24 years old and tagging along with […]

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09.22.16 | General, news | 

It is common sense that if you find yourself in a hole, the first step is to stop digging It is also common sense that in a world destabilized by extreme weather, rising sea levels and flows of climate refugees, allowing major new fossil fuel infrastructure to be built is a very bad idea. For […]

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