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YES, I call on B.C. politicians to stop taking money from corporations, unions and out-of-province donors, and bring in election laws that Ban Big Money in Politics.

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YES, I will vote to stop crude oil tankers if politicians try to force these projects on B.C.

YES, I call on our government to choose local food production over growing fossil fuel exports.

08.25.16 | General | 

Kinder Morgan Panel offered us an opportunity to vent but not be heard. Were our efforts in vain? I had a dream last night about the Kinder Morgan panel. I was on a large parade ground and an officer leaned into my jeep and demanded that I testify on corexit – the chemical dispersant used […]

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08.25.16 | General | 

By Brenda Ross In late July, as Dogwood’s team leader in Delta, I was part of a group that met with Delta MP Carla Qualtrough and North Vancouver MP Jonathan Wilkinson (secretary to the Minister of Environment). MP Qualtrough convened the meeting in response to the pressing concerns she has heard from her constituents about […]

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08.24.16 | General | 

B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan focuses less on change to our climate and more on change in the BC Liberal’s piggy bank.  Last Friday afternoon, in a remote warehouse in Richmond, Premier Christy Clark delivered the long-overdue B.C. Climate Leadership Plan. She was flanked by people in white coats and an electric car, which she plugged […]

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