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Here's the Situation

There are two major proposals to bring more and bigger oil supertankers to B.C.'s coast so that Alberta's oilsands crude can be shipped to China and Asia. If this is allowed to happen, most British Columbians would benefit little and B.C.'s resplendent coast would be threatened by oil spills. The Alberta and federal governments are pushing for these tankers and are using a review process that's rigged in their favour. But B.C. has a history of defending its coast and an epic struggle is underway.



  1. Enbridge Inc. wants to build two 1,100 km pipelines to Kitimat, B.C, where the oil would be loaded onto 225 tankers each year. These mega ships would then have to make their way through the narrow channels and fjords of the Great Bear Rainforest.

  2. Kinder Morgan wants to expand its pipeline from the oilsands to Burrard Inlet. If their plan went ahead, every day an oil tanker would sail past Vancouver, Victoria and the Gulf Islands.


Crab fishermen


Why is this a bad idea?

  1. You can't eliminate and can't predict oil spills. They happen because humans make mistakes and machines break.

  2. A single oil spill could devastate lives, livelihoods, cultures and wildlife on our coast.

  3. There's no need to accept the risk. Far more jobs would be put at risk than created in B.C., and ramping up oilsands production to feed Asian demand is not in the national interest. Given that oil is a non-renewable resource, we think it should be used wisely and in the long-term best interests of Canadians.

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