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That's our promise to you.

We won't try to do a million things at once. And we'll only ask you to take action if we think it will make a big difference.

We pinpoint where the power of organized people can have the biggest impact and then we zero in on it. Most of all, we look for projects or issues that can be leveraged to drive deep rooted change. We're as focused as Olympic athletes on just two campaigns right now: loonieNo Tankers

Some of the most powerful oil companies in the world are pushing to bring more and more crude oil tankers to B.C.'s coast. They would jeopardize the livelihoods of tens of thousands of British Columbians and the stability of the Great Bear Rainforest and southern Gulf Islands ecosystems in the name of profit. We can hold them back and keep our oceans and rivers healthy and livelihoods secure, but it's going to take size and diversity. That's where you come in.

Westshore Coal TerminalBeyond Coal

U.S. coal companies want to bring an unprecedented amount of coal through B.C. for export to China. This threatens the health of Lower Mainland residents living along the train routes and sends climate changing pollution to Asia - all with little economic benefit to B.C. Port Metro Vancouver is used to making its decisions behind closed-doors with little to no public input. We have to show them we will not tolerate a rogue agency willing to trample the public interest on behalf of U.S. coal companies. That's where you come in.


Stand up for BC. Join us.

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