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Monday, December 19, 2011 by Eric Swanson

Dec. 19: First Nations could stall Northern Gateway

Here's what people are saying today about proposals to bring more oil pipelines and supertankers to British Columbia's coast


Dec 19th 2011

First Nations could stall Northern Gateway: Aboriginal Affairs, Bloomberg story in National Post reports on text of briefing note from federal department of aboriginal affairs to John Duncan. “Pending a favorable environmental assessment, Northern Gateway is targeted to start up in 2016, but risks being held back by legal challenges from the First Nations,” said the briefing note, which is dated June 21 and was obtained by Bloomberg News through Canada’s freedom-of-information law.

Proud of pipeline history, Letter to the editor in Burnaby Now from Kinder Morgan. "We look forward to talking with you and hearing your views. We know who our neighbours are - you will be hearing more from us as a project is considered."

One of these articles inspire or upset you? Consider responding with a letter to the editor.

Jack Mintz: East Coast pipeline dreams, National Post column by U of C chair. "It might well be easier to go east across Canada, rather than west through the Rockies, to avoid tough battles with environmentalists and some native groups in British Columbia.But will an oil pipeline to the East be an economic route to alternative markets?"

Premier Clark says jobs-environment conflict consumes her government, CP story on The Tyee. Premier Christy Clark says she doesn't want to be the premier that gives up leadership on the environment.

Delaying Keystone pipeline 'utterly irrational,' says GOP front-runner Gingrich, Postmedia. "The Canadian prime minister has already said to the American president, 'If you don't want to build this pipeline to create 20,000 American jobs . . . I am going to put it straight west in Canada to Vancouver' " Gingrich added, referring to a different pipeline, the Northern Gateway project.

Premier Clark on her political year, BC Local News Q&A with Tom Fletcher. Includes comment on Northern Gateway.

Bullish on Alberta's future, Edmonton Journal Q&A with Ted Morton includes comment on Northern Gateway.

Why Canada won't skip out on the oil sands, Alberta Oil column by Andrew Leach. "Since the oil sands are owned by the Crown, the resource is the property of each and every Albertan, and managed by the government on our behalf. If you think of it like an asset (in the ground instead of a bank), we each have a bank account in northern Alberta that’s worth at least $400,000."

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