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Stop the expansion of coal exports from B.C.'s ports

Sign the petition against coal export expansion from B.C.'s ports and get connected to a network of people across Canada working together online and off to keep our communities healthy and free from coal dust.

It is more important than ever to build a strong, united voice against expanding thermal coal exports through B.C.’s ports.

On the first day of global climate talks in Paris, Port Metro Vancouver issued its second approval for the Fraser Surrey Docks coal port – this time allowing giant Panamax ships to travel up the Fraser River.

  1. This approval directly contradicts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's vision of Canada as an international climate change leader.
  2. This approval directly contradicts Premier Christy Clark's vision of British Columbia as a climate leader – particularly her interest in weaning China off of coal-fired power plants.
  3. This approval directly contradicts global efforts to turn away from coal as the single biggest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. This approval directly contradicts the kind of assessment process cabinet ministers have been mandated to create to restore public trust and science-based decision-making.

Fraser Surrey Docks didn’t give up on its proposal to ship up to 8 million tonnes of U.S. thermal coal – even though the market is tanking and the world is turning away from the dirty fuel. And the industry-captured Port Metro Vancouver is intent on giving Fraser Surrey Docks the green light even if it makes us an international embarrassment.

While our new prime minister and B.C.’s premier push to make our country and province climate leaders on the world stage, our federal port authority is trying to lock us into a future of fossil fuel exports. We won’t let it stand.

The approval came just two weeks after cabinet minister and Delta MP Carla Qualtrough pledged to ask the federal government to put a hold on the proposal – just three days after Dogwood Initiative collected 5,400 signatures supporting her move.

If Port Metro Vancouver thinks they can get away with rushing the approval before our new federal officials can take action to protect their communities and our climate, they’ve got another thing coming.

The Beyond Coal movement will build stronger and bigger than ever before to ensure federal and local officials take action to stop thermal coal exports and reign in the rogue port authority. But we can’t do it without you.

Sign and share this petition now.

I call on you to stand up and use your authority to

  • Prevent further expansion of U.S. thermal coal exports in B.C.;
  • Require independent health and environmental assessments before considering new coal shipping projects and;
  • Ensure British Columbians have a say over export activities that affect their families and communities.

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